A herbal medicine consultation can be therapeutic by itself.

My consultation:

  • Allows time and space for exploration, discussion and reflection.
  • Intends to understand what the patient’s story means for him/herself, in order to develop helping strategies which are primarly based on herbs and nutrition/lifestyle advice.

The First Consultation (1 h. – 1h. 30min.)

I ask some questions in order to gain a deep understanding of the patient’s condition. I also perform appropriate physical examinations.

At the end of the consultation, I  give my opinion on the situation and suggest in what ways it might be helped.  My approach is to work with the patient in partnership, therefore, suggestions can be then discussed and negotiated.

I also recommend medical investigations or referral to your doctor/appropriate practitioner where relevant.

Follow-up Consultations (30-45 mins.)

If ongoing support is required, follow-up consultations normally take place every 2 to 6 weeks.

Each subsequent visit provides an opportunity to assess progress, evaluate responses and explore new contexts. These consultations are especially useful in chronic or complex conditions where repeated reviews can facilitate a growing insight.

Herbal Medicine in Dundee, St Andrews, Spain or via Skype