MEDICIPLANT is a herbal medicine practice established by Amparo Aracil.

Amparo is a qualified medical herbalist who combines traditional systems of understanding together with the latest scientific research to provide the best possible quality service to her patients. Amparo has a BSc in Herbal Medicine (University of Westminster) and an MSc in Global Health (University of Barcelona). After graduating, Amparo worked as a full-time medical herbalist at the prestigious Hydes Herbal Clinic in Leicester, a clinic with 106 years of continual practice serving the public.

Amparo is currently training to be a medical doctor at the School of Medicine in the University of Dundee. This training is furthering her knowledge of health and disease and equipping her with the tools and skills to improve diagnostics.

Amparo has launched MEDICIPLANT with the idea of making herbal medicine as safe and accessible as possible to people.

Amparo’s understanding of skin conditions is evident in her thesis “Exploring therapeutic approaches of Western Medical Herbalists to Acne vulgaris.” which was presented at the Spices and Medicine Conference 2013 and in the National Institute of Medical Herbalists Conference 2013. Already published as an abstract, her study will appear soon in a peer reviewed Journal.

Amparo worked as an intern in the NHS researching awareness of Diabetes in the local population of Bexley to inform service development. She is the co-author of the paper “Evaluation of the attitudes of high risk communities towards diabetes risk factors in the London Borough of Bexley” which was published in the Diabetes UK 2013 Conference.

Her latest research at the Cardiology Department in the University of Dundee explores the genetics of aortic stenosis and associated left ventricular hypertrophy and heart failure.

Amparo is a Registered Medical Herbalist, member of the College of Practitioners of Phytotherapy (CPP) and the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

To book an appointment with Amparo in Dundee or St Andrews or just to ask for more information about herbal medicine, please click here: contact.